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  Questions About Scholarship
Who wins the scholarships?
Every competitor who competes in Kick 4 College tournaments will earn a scholarship for winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each time they compete. At each tournament, the top three winners in the 14-15 and 16-17 year old advanced belt boys and girls continuous sparring divisions will be awarded 1 college scholarship each.  No Gi Jiu-Jitsu will award a scholarship to one boy and girl champion in the advanced belt 14-17 year old division. The dollar amount in each discipline’s scholarship fund will be divided among the champions. When the students are ready to attend the school of their choice, Kick 4 College will send the amount of tuition directly to the school each semester until the full scholarship amount is met.

How does the scholarship program work?
The money that is awarded to competitors is paid directly to the schools and is used for cost of tuition only. K4C awards scholarships beginning at age 14, and it must verify that the competitor is enrolled in college before it pays the tuition. Each competitor has the option to transfer schools. If they transfer, K4C verifies the tuition amount for the new school and pays accordingly.  For example, a student wins $24,000 in scholarship money. She goes to junior college for 2 years at a tuition rate of $1000 per semester, and then transfers to a university at a tuition rate of $5000 per semester. If she does not attend an institution of higher learning, or chooses not to use the scholarship, it is awarded to someone else.

If I am ranked in the top 3 in my point sparring division, do I win a scholarship?
No. As of right now, K4C offers scholarships for continuous sparring and No Gi Jiu-Jitsu only.

What is the dollar amount of each scholarship awarded?
The dollar amount will depend on the number of competitors per discipline.
At 1000 competitors, with 4 tournaments per year, K4C will award approximately $80,000 in scholarships.  *** in 2007, we awarded $1000 to each winner

Where is the scholarship money held?
The scholarship fund is held and managed by Banc of America Investment Services, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. The scholarships awarded will be held in the account until each competitor is ready to attend college.

Can I attend a university outside of Texas, a private school, or even an art institute? Yes. You’re welcome to attend any type of school anywhere in the United States.

How many scholarships can I win?
You can win as many as you like when you are between the ages of 14 and 17 years old, and an advanced belt.

Can I change my mind about which school I want to attend?
Yes. You are welcome to change your mind. Kick 4 College will simply send funds to the new school of your choice at the beginning of the next semester.

Can I transfer from one school to another?
Yes. Your full scholarship will transfer with you. Kick 4 College will send tuition to the new school before the next semester begins.

What would make me ineligible for the scholarship I earned?
If you did not go to college, you would be ineligible for your scholarship.

How long after I turn 18 do I have to enroll in a college or university?
You must be enrolled in a school within 1 year of your 18th birthday, or within 6 months of completing your service in the military.

Will Kick 4 College ever offer more than 3 scholarships per division?
Yes. As the league grows, and the scholarship fund grows with it, K4C plans to award as many as 30 scholarships per division, per tournament.

How many Sport Karate sparring divisions can I compete in?
Two. You may compete in one point sparring division and one continuous sparring division. However, scholarship money is awarded to continuous sparring winners only.

How many No Gi Jiu-Jitsu divisions can I compete in?
One. Scholarships are awarded to boys and girls divisions ages 14-17.

If I skip years of competition do I lose the scholarship I earned in previous years?
No. Once you earn a scholarship, it cannot be taken away, unless you don’t go to college.
To elevate the educational well-being of children in the Martial Arts

To give every youth Martial Arts competitor in America the opportunity to earn a full college scholarship while competing near the city they live in.